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This website is a two framed website, with a navigation frame and a main frame. A page can be divided up into a number of frames or segments. Some older browsers might not support frames or might have the browser settings turned off not to support frames. While the use of frames is controversial (some people love them, some people hate them), many websites are framed like this one, so I would recommend downloading a browser that supports frames. Recent versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer (the blue 'e' symbol) both support frames and can be downloaded for free from Netscape and Microsoft respectively

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If you are unable to see text scroll on the main homepage, this is probably because the marquee element (scrolling text feature) is only supported in Netscape 7 and Internet Explorer 4 and above. Again I could recommend downloading the newer version of Netscape or Internet Explorer

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If all you can see is an annoying grey box, this means that your browser does not recognise Java Applets. You can quickly download a support programme from Java Software or if it says Java is not enabled above, turn this setting on in your browser (The setting can be found in Tools/Internet options /Advanced in Internet Explorer)

Other Problems

If your browser does not support Javascript (there is not an excessive amount on this website), I recommend that you change your browser settings to support Javascript, get a more up-to-date browser or use the site without the benefits of Javascript

If you are not able to see the pictures on the website, you might have turned off the option in the browser. I would recommending double checking with your browser options. Some browsers are text only and I have tried to replace pictures with replacement text where possible

The navigation bar should always be available on the left-hand side of the page. Click on the buttons to go to the pages you would like. Each category should be obvious but let me know if you think that these could be clearer

Conventions used throughout the website are that whenever something is underlined, it is a link and can be clicked on to navigate to a new page

Pressing home will always take you back to the home page

The Site has been checked as best I can but there are bound to be a few programming errors/spelling mistakes. If you could email the Webmaster with any problems you encounter, I'll try and solve them

Summary of Site Features

If you do anything on this site, I would recommend signing up for Chigs reunited. There are customisable options as to what you would like displayed on the website

Chigs Reunited: You can sign up for an Old Chigwellian Newsletter and place your email address on the website so others from your old class can contact you

Get involved in events that are placed in the calendar.

Find out general information about the running of the Old Chigwellians and get involved yourself

I hope that you enjoy using the site and let me know if you have any comments. While attempts are made to keep the information on this site as up-to-date as possible, neither I nor the Old Chigwellians Club accept responsibility for the accuracy of information on this website or the content that is placed on the website by other users and would always recommend contacting the person who is directly responsible for organising any event.

If you have a report of an Old Chigwellian event, please send it to me and I would be happy to put it on the website

Designated contributors can put information on the website whenever they like

It took me three months to construct from scratch (I had never even heard of HTML before then), so it has been a steep learning curve, so please forgive the odd feature that does not immediately work.

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If you have any comments about the site, we would be very interested to hear them. You can email the Webmaster with your comments.

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